The primary purpose of this website is to present research outcomes which may be of interest to other scholars. Those outcomes, which mainly address spatial and locale aspects of works by artists Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Gustave Caillebotte, are included in Unpublished writings or listed in Published writings and Other research outcomes. All such considerations have evolved from research undertaken for an unpublished doctoral dissertation, Ambiguity, and the engagement of spatial illusion within the surface of Manet’s paintings (UNSW, Sydney, 2001). Excerpts from the dissertation are included in Unpublished writings. Requests have been made by overseas scholars and institutions for access to the document but, due to production costs, few copies were printed.
Addendum, 7 March 2017: I have become aware that in August 2015 the complete original dissertation document was uploaded by the UNSW to the internet at:

However, as noted in Unpublished writings, some separate items are developments from, and supersede, certain sections of the original dissertation and the amended image captions in the ’Excerpts’ document are as required by the relevant institutions for use on the website.

Published articles, including one reflective of the more recent research into aspects of the history of linear perspective in art, as well as exhibition catalogue essays, are listed in Published writings, and research outcomes set within articles and essays by others are listed in Other research outcomes. Due to the expense and difficulties involved in securing images and image reproduction rights for this website, some images for the unpublished documents, particularly the ’Excerpts’ dissertation document, have not been reproduced. Nevertheless, the wonderful cooperation and generosity of so many museums, galleries, libraries and collections provided during the process must be acknowledged. Some already have policies that provide selected images for scholarly purposes free-of-charge; some have generously provided the images, or the reproduction rights, or both, free-of-charge; and, others have reduced the fees involved.

Please note that all content of this website, as well as the UNSW dissertation website, is subject to copyright and the reproduction of all images of art works, photographs and diagrams can only be made with specific authority from the relevant museum, gallery, library, collection or individual.